Innovation in Emergency Medical Transportation in Nigeria

Editor’s Note: Nigerians pay an estimated N3 Billion every year for medical treatment outside the country. In a season where Nigeria is going through an economic downturn, “Medical Tourism” on the surface seems to amplify two problems in the Nigerian health sector; the lack of trust in the existing health infrastructure and expertise in Nigeria, […]

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Cancer treatment in Nigeria – time for a paradigm shift?

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month. You may have noticed the pink fests in many Nigerian cities. Yet, beyond all the pink is deep anxiety, that if one does get cancer in Nigeria, your chances are indeed very bleak. With all the pink in town, we saw or heard very little in terms of concrete steps […]

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A tangled web: the complicated ethics of medical referrals from Nigeria to India

This thought-provoking piece was contributed by Ifeanyi Nsofor who has just joined the NHW team. Pls share it with every one you know….its worth thinking about before you need to think about it.  Please share your perspective on the comments section or by tweeting us @nighealthwatch  Our beautiful daughter was born in August 2009 and weighed 3.4kg. […]