Thought Leadership Series

Valuing Water: Nigeria must tackle climate change to protect its water resources - WWD21

“Climate change is the environmental challenge of this generation, and it is imperative that we act before it’s too late.”- John Delaney. Life is not possible without water. As one of the most important substances on earth, water is an element that is useful to living and non-living things. It is used for agriculture, recreation, […]

Health Thought Leadership Series

Is Nigeria ready to leave no one behind? World Water Day 2019

Water is life Imagine… 10-year-old Funke kicks up dust as she makes her way out of the door to the stream. You can barely see the dust because it is only 5am. Many other 10-year-olds are still safely tucked in bed, but not Funke; her morning chores include walking two kilometres to the stream to […]

Press Release

Winners of the 2019 UN World Water Day Inter-School Handwashing Essay Competition

Nigeria Health Watch, T.Y Danjuma Foundation, Water Aid and EpiAFRIC put together an inter-school handwashing essay competition in a bid to contribute to the UN’s mission of “Leaving No One Behind”. The competition was for students of primary 4–6 and junior secondary within the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. Over a hundred students sent in submissions […]