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The human cost of the lingering NHIS debacle

Jocelyne Agbo still thinks about the death of little Aliyu. The questions keep recurring – “Did he die because his father didn’t do everything he was supposed to? Could I have done more? Could the government have done more to provide basic healthcare for him?” She remembers visiting the Maikunkele community in Bosso local government, […]

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Wetin be Universal Health Coverage?

In the push for global health reforms, no initiative has been as uniting as the call for Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Governments view UHC as a means to gain political favour and through advocacy, citizens are being educated about their right to quality, accessible and affordable healthcare. In spite of the ongoing advocacy and sensitisation […]


What’s the BHCPF got to do with it? – The Universal Health Coverage Dialogue

The setting was cosy, but the goal was clear: the participants who attended the Nigeria Health Watch policy dialogue on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) last week were specifically handpicked to dissect the National Health Act, particularly the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF) and draw out its direct and indirect ties to UHC in Nigeria. […]

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Great Expectations for Nigeria’s Health Sector: Top Five Priorities in 2018

Every new year comes with high expectations, with the hopes of new opportunities to make a difference in the Nigerian health sector and new energy to carry on ongoing projects. 2018 is here, and with it comes a whole new year of possibilities for the Nigerian health sector. Last week, Nigeria Health Watch summarised some […]