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Further Together: Collaboration for UHC in Africa by 2030

As we entered Rwanda’s airspace and began our final descent to the Kigali International airport, I looked out of my window, eager to get my first glimpse of the city. The view of the skyline at night is breathtaking. The city spreads out over several hills and valleys, which is befitting as Rwanda is known as […]

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Health is Primary and Universal: Priorities for Nigeria’s Health Sector in 2019

2019 in Nigeria is going to be quite a significant year, given the hotly contested presidential election taking place on February 16th and the governorship elections on March 2nd. For those of us in the health sector, it is important that we continue to champion health as an election issue. As a Nigerian citizen, as […]

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2018 International Universal Health Coverage Day in Abuja

We welcome you to this historic press conference organized by a Coalition of Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and other professional associations in the Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health at Scale (PACFaH@Scale) to mark the 2018 International Universal Health Coverage Day which is commemorated every 12th of December worldwide. On December 12, 2012, […]

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Nigeria Health Watch: Stronger Together in 2017

As 2017 dawns, we at Nigeria Health Watch continue our advocacy for the health sector of Nigeria’s dreams with a deep sense of resolve and excitement to build on the momentum that we felt in 2016. We continue to strive to put health not only on the political agenda but also on the social agenda, to […]

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Universal Health Coverage – President Buhari’s opportunity to become a national hero

This week’s guest blog comes from Robert Yates, an internationally recognized expert on progressive health financing. He works for Chatham House, the international affairs “Think-tank” based in London. He was one of the speakers at the Future of Health Conference held on June 18 in Abuja. Far from being a lame-duck, Barack Obama is having […]

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Who remembers the Presidential Summit on Universal Healthcare?

A little over  a year ago, on the 7th of March 2014, top level officials in the Nigerian health sector were called together to attend what was called a “Presidential Summit on Universal Healthcare”.  During the summit, we listened to several speeches and powerpoint presentations of wishes, hopes and aspirations on the concept of “universal […]