The Political Economy of Health: Making the Political Choice to Invest in the Future of Nigeria

By Bunmi Oyebanji Obot, Kemisola Agbaoye and Chibuike Alagboso (Lead Writers) Nigeria’s political aspirants have officially started their election campaigns for the 2023 Presidential elections. There is no better time than now, during this political transition to remind political leaders that health is as critical to a nation’s development as the economy, infrastructure, security and […]

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Putting Health on the Agenda of the Nigerian Elections: a Call to Action

It’s election season in Nigeria, and the volume of the debates online and offline are reaching a deafening pitch. Interestingly the focus of most of the campaigns and debates are not on the issues that will affect the future of our country. In 2015 – this is not good enough for a country with Nigeria’s […]