Is this the breaking of a new dawn in Nigeria’s health sector?

Last Friday’s news flash that President Muhammadu Buhari had appointed new heads to five public health institutions took the Nigerian health sector by surprise, with social media bursting with what could be likened to a collective shout of excitement. The news came without any political musings or rumblings or rumours in the background. The five […]

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Time for courage: Nigeria’s health security and the National Centre for Disease Control

Nigeria defeated Ebola! That was the single story. No one asked about how the N1.9B released for the response was used. What institutional capacity had been built? No one asked how to integrate the National Polio Emergency Operation Centre that took a lot of the credit for the Ebola response into a national emergency centre […]

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Lack of trust in health sector: the underlying cause of the large Lassa Fever outbreak in Nigeria

Strange deaths in a community in Niger State in 2015 left the community confused, this was followed by a period of uncertainty and anxiety, and they reached out to the only rational explanation they could imagine – the supernatural. By the time the public health authorities were informed and a diagnosis of Lassa Fever was […]

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In search of the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control

Earlier this year, we wrote a blog wondering aloud about the N701Million (USD5M) allocated to the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) that year. We wrote at the time; “we could neither find a physical address nor a website“. We were criticised by some colleagues for not doing enough due diligence to establish the existence and […]