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“Does Leadership Matter” in the Nigerian health sector?

The greatest challenges and the greatest opportunities that any unit in society has begins with its pattern of leadership. Who makes those decisions that create ripples, trickling down into the lives of the people, and in whose interest are those decisions made? Leadership occupies a pivotal role  from the domestic sphere of the family to […]

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Stronger together – increasing effectiveness of advocacy in the Nigerian health sector

The room was almost full at 8 a.m., as advocates, leaders of civil society organisations and senior government officials gathered in Abuja to learn from each other how to increase the effectiveness of their advocacy efforts.  Nigeria Health Watch, the Health Reform Foundation of Nigeria and ONE Campaign convened the event as part of a […]

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Making our Voices Count: Active Citizenship for Health

We can see from other sectors in Nigeria, how active citizenship is driving change. From the elections, to the increased responsiveness of government in various sectors, Nigerians are finding their voices and using it. Most sectors are recognising this, even the Nigerian Police Force has recently set up a Complaint Response Unit. So, why is […]