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Antibiotic Misuse: A gap in the sexual health knowledge of Nigerian Youth  

Editor’s Note: This week’s Thought Leadership piece comes from Nigeria Health Watch’s Production Coordinator McHenry Igwe. He writes about a growing practice amongst young sexually active people in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), using antibiotics as a form of contraception, the debilitating side-effects of this practice and how this is a symptom of a much […]


Antibiotic Resistance in Nigeria: From Awareness to Action

Editor’s Note: Iruka N. Okeke is a Professor of Pharmaceutical Microbiology at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and a UK Medical Research Council African Research Leader.  She writes extensively on the need to grow microbiology research and practice in African countries. In this week’s Thought Leadership piece she writes about the need for action in the fight against […]

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Balancing access and excess in the fight against antibiotic resistance in Nigeria

Resistance to antibiotics is a growing global problem. It is particularly acute in Nigeria because of our extensive and often inappropriate use of antibiotics. Probably because of all the other public health challenges that we face, barely any attention has been given to antibiotic stewardship and it is hardly recognised as a public health need. We […]