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Mothers Lives Matter – A Call to Action to Catalyse Accountability for Maternal Deaths in Nigeria

“In Rwanda, a combination of community-based health insurance, community health workers, and good external partnerships led to the steepest reductions in maternal mortality ever recorded.” — President Kagame of Rwanda at the WHO General Assembly in Geneva, 2018 Despite several discussions around “maternal mortality”, how much do people really understand about this term? Why would the president […]

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Partnering for Accountability: Nothing About Us Without Us

Solving many of the challenges in health is a complex process and nobody can claim to have a silver bullet for any one problem. It requires gaining a good contextual understanding of a problem and those it affects, coming up with a possible solution, testing and implementing the solution and scaling up if it works. If […]

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Accountability: The Key to Improving Health in Nigeria – Op-Ed

Editor’s Note: This week’s blog piece comes from Adam Talsma, Regional Director for Africa, Reboot. He writes in this Op-Ed about the importance of accountability in governance to improving health outcomes, and how international donors are key partners to Nigeria’s citizens if good governance that makes an impact on our health indices… is to become […]

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Accountability NOW: A Summit to Advance Newborn and Maternal Health in Nigeria

Editor: The National Summit on reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health (RMNCAH) will take place in Abuja on February 16-18. The inaugural Summit will address accountability in healthcare delivery for women, newborns, and other vulnerable groups.  By now it is no secret that Nigeria’s maternal and child health indicators, while improving, are still at […]