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An eyesore that is Dagodnagbe Primary Healthcare Centre

It is immunization day at Dagodnagbe PHC in Jadna Ward, a rural agrarian community in Paikoro Local Government Area of Niger State. Amina Yau is one of the women bringing their children to be immunized. However, like other women, Yau is not happy with the condition of the Primary Heathcare Centre (PHC). ‘’There is no […]

Thought Leadership Series

Primary Health Care in Nigeria: Progress, Challenges and Collaborating for Transformation

Health is a human right and everyone, irrespective of location or socioeconomic status has a right to healthcare at their point of need. For a heavily populated country like Nigeria where there are income inequalities, there is a need to examine the healthcare system through the lens of health equity, which is accessible, affordable, and […]

Torchlight Series

#H2OForCommunities: JDI’s Community Collaboration on WASH Facilities 

“Thousands have lived without love, not one without water” — W.H. Auden. Iwa is a lively rural community of about 600 inhabitants in Gurara Local Government Area of Niger State. It is just about 112 kilometres from Minna, the state’s capital and like most rural communities in North-Central Nigeria, the indigenes are predominantly farmers. Iwa is one […]

Covid19 Thought Leadership Series

A case for PHCs in the fight against COVID19

Since the declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, Nigeria like most countries across the world has been battling to contain the disease. The Federal Government restricted flights from high risk countries into the nation’s airports and later followed with total closure. Total lockdowns were imposed by the Federal Government on […]

PHC Torchlight Series

A Brand New Maito: Renovated PHC caters to community health needs in Niger State

It is a dusty Tuesday morning in Maito village, typical of the early harmattan season. Men and women carrying farm equipment walk on either side of the small road that divides the village into two. The rainy season has ended, and the villagers are busy harvesting. Not so for Malam Aliyu Bala, who has to […]

PHC Thought Leadership Series

A case for an effective “Roof” over Primary Health Care in Nigeria

We were on a road trip to Jos, capital city of Plateau State, famous for having the most temperate climate in Nigeria. The ride had been smooth and uneventful, so nothing prepared us for the enchanting sight of rock and boulder formations flanking the road. The Riyom rocks delicately arranged one on top of the […]

PHC Torchlight Series

Can a passionate workforce make up for the shortcomings in our PHCs?

The effective delivery of healthcare has many dimensions. While the focus is largely on the patient who is receiving the care, the other integral part is the healthcare workers who deliver the care. They and other non-medical staff make up the whole gamut of Human Resources for Healthcare (HRH),  critical for an efficient health system. The […]

Health Thought Leadership Series

Will revitalization of Primary Health Care lead to ‘BETTER HEALTH FOR ALL?’

President Muhammadu Buhari last week commissioned the newly revitalized Kuchigoro PHC. The event also served to flag off the start of the Primary Health Care Revitalization Programme, the flagship programme of the Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Adewole. This, according to Adewole, is the first step in achieving his short-term goal of revitalizing 110 PHCs […]

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As the Health Minister’s 10,000 PHC transformation agenda starts, we urge him to keep primary health care under ONE roof

We are in May. Later this month we will mark one year into the tenure of the Buhari administration, a quarter of its four-year mandate. Also in May, we anticipate the kick-off of the Minister’s promised “one newly functional” primary health centre per day. The appointment of Professor Isaac Adewole as Minister of Health was […]

Africa Events Health Policy Nigeria Thought Leadership Series

Reality check: Pictures from around Nigeria

We often sit in the big cities and talk and write about health issues. We attend conferences and seminars, dissemination events and policy dialogues. We debate about health policy reform and the national health agenda, we analyse the budget and ask policy makers hard questions.  Sometimes, we sit back and wonder how much they care. […]