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Seven out of ten Nigerians not confident in Capacity of their local Hospitals to manage Ebola

We will be surprised if there is a Nigerian out there that has not yet heard about the Ebola virus. It’s on Radio, TV, Facebook, Twitter. There are jokes, rumours of cures and miracles and, sadly, a few real deaths. Our government has responded by providing daily updates. State governments all over the country are […]

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NOIPolls – Asking Nigerians what they Think about Everything, including their Health

Did you hear that smoking in public places is now banned in Lagos? According to a recent poll conducted by NOIPolls, nine out of ten Nigerians support this law, which is aimed at protecting their health from second-hand smoking. “And this result of our poll might be used to support the expansion of the anti-tobacco […]

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Ignore your heart, at your own risk

This blog post is the result of the first of a series of joint polls by the NOIPolls team and the EpiAFRIC team. NOI Polls is the premier country-specific polling service in the West African region. The I-narrator is Dr. Ike Anya. A full report is available as PDF. I was at work in London, that afternoon, in […]