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Can the ASLM Conference reinvigorate Laboratory Medicine in Nigeria?

Iruka Okeke is at the University of Ibadan. She writes this week about the progress made in the world of laboratory medicine in the last five years as portrayed in this year’s African Society for Laboratory Medicine Conference, and what Nigeria still needs to do if it will catch up with the rest of the […]

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Time for courage: Nigeria’s health security and the National Centre for Disease Control

Nigeria defeated Ebola! That was the single story. No one asked about how the N1.9B released for the response was used. What institutional capacity had been built? No one asked how to integrate the National Polio Emergency Operation Centre that took a lot of the credit for the Ebola response into a national emergency centre […]

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One year later, 5 most important lessons from the Nigerian Ebola response

On October 20 2014, almost exactly one year ago, the World Health Organisation declared Nigeria Ebola free, 42 days after the last known case had occurred. At the time the world was in the grip of one of the largest and most terrifying public health disasters in generations. While not completely over, there are signs […]