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Solar Powered Freezers: A Low Cost but High Impact Strategy Making Critical Vaccines Accessible in Southeast Kenya

By Joyce Chimbi (Lead Writer) Kamboo, Yindalani and Yiuma Mavui are a set of hard-to-reach villages located 17 and 28 kilometres away from Makindu sub-county hospital and 10 and 22 kilometres away from the nearest electricity grid. As a result of the distance from the sub-county hospital and not being connected to the grid, the […]

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Millions of girls in developing countries to be protected against cervical cancer, but …

…countries will need to develop the infrastructure to deliver the HPV vaccine to those that need it! This is precisely where we struggle the most in our Nigeria. Most people working in the public health community were excited at the recent announcement by GAVI that it had negotiated a new price of $4 for the […]