Health Torchlight Series

The Ultimate #HealthMeetsTechNG Hack: Funding Healthcare with plastic waste

Where can you feel excited, anxious, inspired, passionate and enlightened, all within 72 hours? These were the emotions at the 2019 #HealthMeetsTechNG hackathon, held in Abuja, focused on finding solutions for maternal health in Nigeria. The three-day hackathon organised by EpiAFRIC and its partners was the third edition in the series of #HealthMeetsTechNG hackathons held […]

Technology Thought Leadership Series

‘Hack that thorn!’ – Infectious Diseases get the boot at the 2018 #HealthMeetsTechNG Hackathon

Last week, a large white tent sprung up in the garden of the Ventures Park compound off Aso Drive, in Maitama, Abuja, taking its place alongside the beautifully decorated offices that house the companies based in the park. On Friday morning, the 18th of May, the comfortably furnished tent, with its red-carpeted floor and an […]