Torchlight Series

World Sight Day 2020: Shell, JV partners come together to give #HopeInSight

By Beti Baiye and Dara Ajala-Damisa (Lead Writers) The trip from Yenagoa was short and uneventful. We arrived the community town hall before our hosts and as they walked in, some led by friend or family members and others feeling their way along, their gait and demeanour began to tell their story long before they […]

Health Thought Leadership Series

Eye Doctors gather for Vision 2020 – The Right to Sight

“The eyes are the window to the soul.” This is a proverb often used that means that our eyes can be used to communicate deep emotions. The importance of people’s eyes and therefore eye health cannot be understated.  Eyes are critical because they enable us to carry out and be productive in our daily responsibilities. […]