Thought Leadership

Drug-Resistant Malaria: A Public Health War Nigeria Cannot Afford to Fight

Editor’s Note: In today’s Thought Leadership Piece, Dr. Okonkwor Oyor of Hygeia HMO explains the looming threat that ACT-resistant malaria poses to the long global struggle to “roll back malaria”, and shares insights into what Nigeria must begin to do if we are to stall the spread of drug-resistant malaria today.  Malaria has been with […]

Covid19 Press Release

African leaders call for immediate action to save additional lives from malaria in the face of COVID-19

11 May 2020 – In response to mounting concerns around the impact of COVID-19 on malaria elimination efforts across the African continent, the African members of the End Malaria Council have released a joint statement and a four-pronged action plan calling on African and global leaders to act quickly to: protect the decades of gains against malaria; boost […]