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Nine in 10 African countries set to miss urgent COVID-19 vaccination goal

Brazzaville, 10 June 2021 – As COVID-19 cases in Africa rise for the third week running and vaccines are increasingly scarce, 47 of Africa’s 54 countries—nearly 90%—are set to miss the September target of vaccinating 10% of their people unless Africa receives 225 million more doses. The new global targets were announced recently at the World […]

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10 things you should know about COVID-19 vaccine candidates

(1) Why are vaccines important in the COVID-19 pandemic?The COVID-19 outbreak has evolved into a historic pandemic, bringing unprecedented disruption to global economies. In response to the outbreak, public health measures including handwashing with soap and water, physically distancing and wearing of face masks have been recommended to limit transmission. The pandemic has caused a […]