Torchlight Series

Making Good on a Promise: How Nasarawa State Vaccinated Seventy Percent of its Eligible Population

By Gabriel Oke (Lead Writer) Nigeria’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign is not a competition and there are no prizes for the state that successfully vaccinates all of its eligible population first, but the fact that Nasarawa State has vaccinated over 70% of its eligible population, putting it ahead of all but one of its neighbouring states, […]

Thought Leadership Series

African Vaccination Week 2022: Equitable Vaccine Access can Help Build Resilient Communities

By Folakemi Ajala (Lead Writer) From the old (smallpox) to the new (COVID-19), for centuries, vaccines have helped save and promote healthier lives for people of all ages. In the last 2 decades, major gains in the development and production of vaccines have helped prevent more than 20 life-threatening diseases. Africa was declared wild poliovirus-free […]