Torchlight Series

Power in Her Hands: Breaking the Culture of Silence Surrounding Sexual and Gender Based Violence Through Technology

“…gender-based violence happens to our acquaintances, colleagues, friends and, yes, family members.” Anita Hill. The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) puts the number of girls who experience sexual violence in Nigeria at one in every four. Data makes it possible to measure the true scale of the problem. However, for Omowumi Ogunrotimi, the founder and Executive […]

Covid19 Thought Leadership Series

COVID-19 has exposed Nigeria’s Sexual Violence Menace: OpEd

By Mike Lawal (Guest Writer) She was only nine years old when she walked into the consultation room with her outraged mother, a neighbour and a police officer. With eyes filled with tears, her mother muttered, “My daughter was raped yesterday”. Her daughter was sexually assaulted by a close relative, and the police needed a […]