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#HealthMeetsTechNG Hackathon: Tech solutions for Nigeria’s infectious diseases

The Nigerian healthcare system currently faces many challenges, from inadequate infrastructure to gaps in key health policy implementation and the absence of effective multi-sectoral partnerships. Historically, alliances between industries such as banking and telecommunications have spurred innovations that have propelled growth across many sectors in Nigeria. As technology plays a greater role in driving innovation […]

Health Technology Thought Leadership

The emergence of a vibrant health-tech ecosystem in Nigeria

Editor’s Note: This week’s Thought Leadership article is by Ugonna Ofonagoro, Research Analyst at EpiAFRIC, a public health consultancy firm. She writes about the hackathon that brought together health practitioners and tech experts working together to help address key issues in the health sector with innovative technological applications, and the potential this movement has to […]

Nigeria Thought Leadership

NOIPolls – Asking Nigerians what they Think about Everything, including their Health

Did you hear that smoking in public places is now banned in Lagos? According to a recent poll conducted by NOIPolls, nine out of ten Nigerians support this law, which is aimed at protecting their health from second-hand smoking. “And this result of our poll might be used to support the expansion of the anti-tobacco […]