Giving Birth in Nigeria: Advocacy and Communications

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Duration: August 2020 - January 2022
The advocacy and communications programme of the Giving Birth in Nigeria campaign is aimed at establishing a platform for key stakeholders and influencers in maternal health to come together to proffer solutions for maternal health service delivery in Nigeria and to advocate for better access to quality maternal health medicines and contraceptives in Nigeria.
The objectives of this programme are: Advocacy and communications: Elevating the critical role of quality maternal healthcare in Nigeria and increase mind share among key national and state-level stakeholders and influencers, leveraging relevant events and media to reach target audiences Quality of medicines: To publicize research findings on quality of maternal health medicines in Nigeria. This will lead to: Creating awareness about the impact of poor-quality maternal health medicines on health outcomes among key stakeholders, particularly those with the capacity to influence changes. This initiative would leverage editorial content, online and print media to support the promotion of quality maternal medicines for all Strengthening policy that ensures access to quality medicines and change current practice to ensure key stakeholders understand the importance of quality maternal health medicines Identifying practice changes to catalyse demand for quality maternal medicines Documentary: Strengthening the case to cascade the provision of quality primary health care including family planning services through existing private sector and community structures by developing a visually compelling documentary.

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