Giving Birth in Nigeria: Advocacy and Communications II

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The second phase of the advocacy and communications programme of the Giving Birth in Nigeria campaign is aimed at raising awareness of polices and strategies that increase access to quality maternal health care to the Nigerian government and health care stakeholders, through the deployment of innovations and local private provider quality accreditation to drive demand for quality services among Nigerian women and local communities at large.

The objectives of this programme are to:
· Make the case for patent and proprietary medicine vendors as a way of achieving universal health coverage by increasing access to the unreached especially given healthcare worker shortage
· Support expanded and sustained access to the integrated model of care which combines reproductive / maternal health and non-communicable diseases services, using costing analysis
· Broaden awareness of WHO guidelines for the prevention of postpartum haemorrhage so that it becomes the norm
· Promote polices and interventions that embrace mixed health systems through the integration of private providers into provide quality assured maternal health care into the health system

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