The CHAIN Project

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Closing the Gap to Sustainable Healthcare Access in Nigeria through Health Insurance
The Closing the Gap to Sustainable Health Access in Nigeria (CHAIN) project is funded by Christian Aid UK, Nigeria Office and Implemented by Nigeria Health Watch. The goal of the project is helping Nigeria achieve Universal Health Coverage through sustainable health insurance models that prevent catastrophic expenditure for informal and vulnerable groups. The project has been implemented in Benue state and at the federal level using informed advocacy for better health and health insurance systems since 2017.
To improve access to health care of vulnerable people in project communities.
Objectives and strategic approach
To reduce out of pocket payment for health care in target communities To improve the uptake of health care services in target communities To improve utilisation of health insurance in project communities
Creating literacy for health insurance Identifying and creating linkages between CBHIS and target population Encouraging uptake of health insurance in target locations

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