Community Health Watch

Nigeria Health Watch Project Image


Effective primary healthcare systems are essential for achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC). However, healthcare policies and programmes don’t always translate into improved service delivery at the community level. To drive accountability for improved services at the PHC level and improve public health, the Community Health Watch project was initiated to amplify the experiences of community members while accessing healthcare.

The project provides a platform for community members and healthcare providers to share their experiences accessing and providing healthcare.

Project Location – The project is being piloted in Kano and Niger states.


Amplify best practices and challenge sub-standard practices in primary healthcare delivery in Nigeria. Highlight the challenges faced by health facilities in rural communities when providing care. Present policymakers and stakeholders with compelling evidence regarding the experiences of community members accessing healthcare in communities. Hold decision-makers accountable for the delivery of primary healthcare services and advocate for improved service delivery in communities. Ensure that frameworks (e.g., BHCPF) aimed at improving access to quality healthcare is working for the people.

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