Solutions Journalism Africa Initiative Project Close-out

Nigeria Health Watch Project Image

We marked the successful completion of the Solutions Journalism Africa Initiative Project on June 8, 2023. The three-year project entailed training 30 media organizations in Nigeria, empowering 90 newsroom journalists, and reaching over 1000 individuals with Solutions Journalism training. In addition to producing more than 300 stories during the project’s duration, the initiative strives to establish and  promote Solutions Journalism by raising ambassadors among fellows and newsroom journalists who advocate for its implementation in their workplaces.  The close-out event provided an opportunity to engage with the wider journalism community, newsroom leaders, and participants of the project. An exhibition showcased some of the over 300 stories published by various freelance and newsroom journalists. The Managing Director of the News Agency of Nigeria gave an inspiring reflection on the importance of balanced reporting of social issues.  A fireside session featured experience-sharing by fellows and journalists who participated in the initiative and another session had media leaders share insights on how Solutions Journalism can contribute to a sustainable media landscape.  The highlight of the event was a presentation of certificates to the participating newsrooms and certification of recognition to the News Agency of Nigeria for their efforts in institutionalizing Solutions Journalism in their organization.  Solutions Journalism is a reminder that journalism has the power to inspire actions and drive meaningful change in society. These inspiring solutions stories constantly remind us that, no matter how difficult social problems may look, there is always a solution from someone somewhere.

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