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University Don Extols Benefits of Soybeans in Addressing Protein Deficiency

A leading nutrition expert has urged Nigerians to explore soybeans as a good food source, to alleviate malnutrition and achieve good health. Professor Ibiyemi Olayiwola, Professor of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), who made this assertion recently, described soybeans as an excellent source of protein, with the added advantage of […]

Thought Leadership Series

#FundNutritionNG - Reviewing Nigeria’s National Strategic Plan of Action for Nutrition (2014–2019)

By Atinuke Akande-Alegbe and Dara Ajala-Damisa (Lead Writers) As part of efforts to improve Nigeria’s nutrition statistics, a National Strategic Plan of Action for Nutrition (NSPAN) was devised for implementation between 2014 and 2019. It is a follow-on to other strategic documents including Vision 20:2020 and the National Strategic Health Development Plan for 2009 to […]

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Nutrition agents increase demand for CMAM services in Borno

No mother ever wants to face the tough choices many mothers in conflict zones, like Borno have to face on a daily basis. The struggle for survival, keeping a severely malnourished child alive, while at the same time struggling for their own survival, knowing that the treatment that will keep their child alive will also […]