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Gender Equality for Sustainable Development and Quality Women’s Health - Resolutions from the 2021 Future of Health Conference

By Dara Ajala-Damisa and Bunmi Oyebanji (Lead Writers) Gender equality does not mean that women and men are the same, it means that their rights, responsibilities, and opportunities do not depend on whether they are born female or male. — Office of the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women (OSAGI) The […]

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#Innovate4HealthNaija: Improving Healthcare Access at the Future of Health Conference 2020

Innovation is a term used to spur big business into evolving their way out of oblivion. In healthcare, refusal to innovate could mean loss of lives, especially for vulnerable populations who are most at risk of poor health outcomes and have significant challenges accessing quality healthcare. When the 2020 Future of Health Conference theme, Innovation: […]

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#Innovate4HealthNaija: The Future of Health Conference 2020 is here!!!

After five years of delivering highly recognised health conferences focused on generating solutions aimed at improving healthcare access for every Nigerian, the 2020 Future of Health Conference will take place on Thursday, 3rd December 2020. The conference is themed “Innovation: Improving health and scaling up healthcare access.” Innovations in healthcare are important for every part […]

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Future of Health 2018: Will the Brain Gain from Nigeria’s Diaspora revive the Health Sector?

‘Daddy, you know this would never have happened when you were working in Lincoln, right?” Dr. Olujimi Coker, Medical Director of Lagoon Hospitals, Lagos was telling an enthusiastic audience of 400 people at the Sheraton Hotel, Abuja, how his awestruck children reacted to his cancelling a family weekend trip, because he had been asked to […]

2018 Future of Health Conference: The Diaspora as Nigeria’s Brain Gain

This year, the Future of Health Conference will focus on “The Diaspora as Nigeria’s Brain Gain” because we acknowledge the issues the Nigerian health sector is facing with doctors seeking opportunities in other countries. While this has been an ongoing trend, we are not oblivious to the giant strides Nigerians in the diaspora are making […]


Happy New Year from us at Nigeria Health Watch!

Welcome to 2018, a year with higher expectations for the Nigerian health sector, coming on the back of the tremendous amount of work done last year. For us at Nigeria Health Watch we are excited to continue bringing to the forefront of discussions, the many important issues that affect the Nigerian health sector. This year […]

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Can a “Business” approach help save Nigeria’s health sector?

What do “healthcare” and “business” have in common? Can the principles that drive successful businesses be applied to revitalising our healthcare industry? Will healthcare delivery in Nigeria be more effective if approached with business models rather than social welfare models? What makes healthcare such a hard nut to crack from a business perspective? At its […]


The Future of Health Conference 2017 is here!

How do the principles of running an effective business in today’s world translate into the way healthcare organisations are run? Can business principles be applied in the running of healthcare facilities? Often, there is a sense that since doctors and other healthcare professionals are in the business of saving lives, they should not be too […]

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One Tech Expert’s Eagle Eye view of the Nigerian Health Sector

Editor’s Note: Our Future of Health Conference 2016, themed “Health meets Tech”, held last week at the YarAdua Centre in Abuja. For many it was an unusual dynamic; the health sector, traditionally rigid, slow-moving, and full of protocol, sitting in the same room as the tech sector, known for its openness to innovation, experimentation, and […]

Future of Health II – Health meets Tech

The Future of Health Conference 2016 will facilitate the convergence of players in both the health and technology sectors, to spark discussions that will lead to better collaboration between the two sectors “From Innovation to Implementation.” The conference will bring together Chief Medical Directors of Hospitals, Technology Entrepreneurs, Managers of Public Health Organisations and Non-­Governmental Organisations, […]


Announcing “Future of Health II – Health meets Tech”

We are announcing our second annual flagship event – “The Future of Health Conference.” This year’s theme is “Health meets Tech.” The Nigerian healthcare system is currently struggling on many fronts, from inadequate infrastructure, shortage of personnel, persistent strikes, inadequate training, and lack of efficient public private partnerships. At the same time, innovations in technology […]