Strengthening Nutrition Outcomes in the Face of Climate Change

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The Nutrition Policy-themed Strengthening Nutrition Outcomes in the Face of Climate Change highlighted the urgent need for a holistic and inclusive approach to address the impact of climate change on nutrition outcomes in Nigeria. It emphasised the importance of awareness, capacity building, leadership, evidence generation, empowerment, legislative action, and stakeholder collaboration. These insights shed light on the key areas that require attention and effort to mitigate the adverse effects of climate change on nutrition.  
The dialogue brought together a diverse group of policymakers, experts, researchers, and stakeholders who share a joint commitment to addressing the complex challenges at the intersection of nutrition and climate change.
Participants engaged in insightful conversations throughout the dialogue sessions, sharing their expertise and experiences. They explored innovative strategies and interventions to mitigate the impact of climate change on nutrition and discussed ways to build resilient food systems that can adapt to changing climate patterns. The discussions also centred on promoting sustainable dietary practices and ensuring the availability of diverse and nutritious food sources. By identifying key challenges, highlighting best practices, and discussing evidence-based solutions, the Nutrition Policy Dialogue aimed to contribute to developing effective policies and initiatives that strengthen nutrition outcomes in the face of climate change.  

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