Domestic Resource Mobilisation for Sustained Family Planning

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The Family Planning Policy Dialogue 2021, with the theme: Domestic Resource Mobilisation for Sustained Family Planning (FP) Services in Nigeria, focused on the pressing need to improve access to family planning services and commodities in Nigeria. As the country faces rapid population growth and aims to achieve a modern Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (mCPR) of 27% by 2024, adequate funding is essential. 

However, the current funding falls short of meeting the increasing demand, necessitating the exploration of new methods for domestic resource mobilization and identifying additional funding sources. The dialogue, held on 24th June 2021, brought together key stakeholders in the public and private sectors in family planning to deliberate on strategies for increasing domestic resource mobilization, the responsibility of stakeholders in collaborating with the government, and the importance of increasing revenue generation and funding allocation to health through earmarked taxes and efficient resource management. 

The private sector, civil society organizations, and development partners should collaborate with the government to enhance funding for family planning services. Funds should not only be allocated but also promptly released for effective implementation.

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