Disrupting Healthcare: Public Private Partnership as a model for health systems strengthening in Nigeria.

Nigeria Health Watch Project Image

The Primary healthcare policy dialogue titled ‘Disrupting Health Care: PPPs as a Model Adoption for Health System Strengthening’ organized by PharmAcces in collaboration with Nigeria health watch focused on how public-private partnerships (PPPs) can be a transformative model for investing in healthcare infrastructure. This approach enables governments to allocate scarce capital resources more effectively, leading to improved health outcomes and fostering economic growth by reducing medical tourism. 

The participant from the public and private sector engaged in insightful conversations during the dialogue with Policymakers, experts, researchers, and key stakeholders, showing their commitment to addressing the complex challenges in the healthcare system. By exploring innovative strategies and interventions, the dialogue addressed ways to strengthen healthcare services in Nigeria through public-private partnerships with evidence-based solutions to foster effective policies and initiatives for healthcare system strengthening in Nigeria. Ultimately, the dialogue aimed to contribute to the advancement of healthcare services in the face of the country's unique challenges and opportunities.

 The Federal Government cannot solely shoulder the burden of funding healthcare. We need the active participation of the private sector to bring in expertise and much-needed funding to support our health sector.

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