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Tuberculosis and HIV: The need for a stronger and sustained collaboration against a deadly duo

Nigeria ranks fourth among the 22 high-burden Tuberculosis (TB) countries in the world. The WHO 2015 Global report gave the estimated TB incidence rate at 322 per 100,000 population and the prevalence rate at 330 per 100,000 population. TB is synergistically affected by HIV. While HIV fuels the TB burden, TB is the commonest infection […]

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On World Tuberculosis Day – Reflections on a Forgotten Epidemic

March 24 is World TB Day, yet for most people that have the privilege of reading this piece, tuberculosis is an abstract term. But, why would a disease that infects about half a million Nigerians every year, and kills about 170,000 annually attract so little attention from the government, the health professions and from the people? […]