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Living In Dirt: Nigeria’s waste crisis requires urgent action

Editor’s Note: In this Thought Leadership Piece, Nigeria Health Watch Health Events Manager, Thelma Thomas highlights the breakdown of sanitation in Nigeria and how this is contributing to the country’s public health disease burden. She outlines potential measures that should help manage Nigeria’s waste crisis if taken into serious consideration by the necessary authorities.  A […]


Lessons for Bida: Three approaches that may solve Niger state’s public sanitation dilemma

The Katsina family of Bida will probably never forget June 20th 2018. Just before 8 p.m. on that day, Mr. Farouk Katsina received an urgent call from his wife asking him to come home. Salihu, their beloved three-year-old son, had been vomiting and stooling uncontrollably. By the time Mr Katsina got home, a neighbour, who […]