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The human cost of the lingering NHIS debacle

Jocelyne Agbo still thinks about the death of little Aliyu. The questions keep recurring – “Did he die because his father didn’t do everything he was supposed to? Could I have done more? Could the government have done more to provide basic healthcare for him?” She remembers visiting the Maikunkele community in Bosso local government, […]

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Lost in the Debate: Five questions no one is asking about the National Health Insurance Scheme in Nigeria

As the debate rages on regarding the return of the Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), after his suspension by the Honourable Minister of Health, the discussion is focused on the political intrigues rather than the heart of the issue. Much commentary has been written, breakfast shows have debated his return, yet […]

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Universal Health Coverage – President Buhari’s opportunity to become a national hero

This week’s guest blog comes from Robert Yates, an internationally recognized expert on progressive health financing. He works for Chatham House, the international affairs “Think-tank” based in London. He was one of the speakers at the Future of Health Conference held on June 18 in Abuja. Far from being a lame-duck, Barack Obama is having […]

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Accountability for Universal Coverage Efforts in Nigeria: an Agenda for the Future

These first few days of a new government, ahead of our The Future of Health Conference on the 18th of June, are a good time to reflect on some of the opportunities that could bring about positive change in the health sector. At NHW, it is our view that, despite the euphoria that followed its establishment, the “National Health Insurance Scheme” […]