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Elizabeth Shaba Clinic: Lacking a Critical Amenity

Elizabeth Shaba Maternal and Child Health Clinic is in Nykangbe community, Chanchaga Local Government Area (LGA), of Niger State. The clinic is primarily focused on providing maternal and child health services among other promotive, preventive, and curative health services. Besides being well structured, the clinic has an adequate workforce which enables it to provide 24-hour […]

Thought Leadership

No Retreat No Surrender: Celebrating frontline responders in the fight against COVID-19 in Africa

By Beti Baiye & Patience Adejo (Lead Writers) It is not surprising that the fight against COVID-19 has introduced a great deal of military metaphors in the media globally. The world has been at war with a virus and from the outset, healthcare workers of different cadres have been at the frontline of defense between […]

Press Release

Burundi launches ebola vaccination campaign for health and front-line workers

Bujumbura, 14 August 2019 – On 13th August, the Ministry of Public Health and AIDS Control kicked off the vaccination campaign for front-line staff against the Ebola virus disease. The campaign started at the Gatumba entry point at the Border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Ebola vaccination campaign is part of Burundi’s preparation for […]

PHC Torchlight

Can a passionate workforce make up for the shortcomings in our PHCs?

The effective delivery of healthcare has many dimensions. While the focus is largely on the patient who is receiving the care, the other integral part is the healthcare workers who deliver the care. They and other non-medical staff make up the whole gamut of Human Resources for Healthcare (HRH),  critical for an efficient health system. The […]

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Heroes in Health

A hero is a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his/her brave deeds and noble qualities. A health system is incomplete without the people who toil daily to provide care and ensure reduction in illnesses and deaths. We call them health workers, and they are the single most important component of any health […]