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Top Ten News Items On Health, 8th June 2018

WHO introduces 5 new Ebola drugs in DRC. Nigeria jacks up taxes on cigarette, alcohol. Buhari renews appointment of two CMDs. Remembering Babatunde Osotimehin. $40m needed to tackle Nigeria’s TB burden, says Health Minister. JOHESU strike: Nigerian govt moves to implement ‘no work, no pay’ rule. U.S. inaugurates $5.2m medical warehouse in Lagos. Cholera outbreak […]

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“I was increasingly disillusioned” – One Nigerian doctor’s reflections on emigration.

Editor’s Note:  This week’s Thought Leadership on Health Piece comes from Nigeria Health Watch Curator, Dr. Ike Anya. Last week’s article about the NOI Polls Survey on doctors emigrating out of the country stirred up a robust debate around the issues facing doctors in Nigeria. Read the piece here. Dr. Anya responds to the conversation with […]


We have started our Descent: Strikes and the Future of Public Sector Health Delivery

Over the past ten years, no sector has been more affected by strikes in contemporary Nigerian history, than the health sector. Paradoxically, given the nature of its work, this is an area where one would assume that the most compassion in any society should be found. It does not add up. We need to reset […]