Press Release

Nigeria Health Watch to host the Celebrating Womanhood Art Gala in its maiden edition of #HealthMeetsArt

Nigeria Health Watch is excited to announce that it will be hosting its maiden edition of the #HealthMeetsArt Gala themed ‘Celebrating Womanhood’, to recognize women in all their diversity, showcasing their strengths and resilience, whilst also creating a space for positive dialogue to highlight the important need to accelerate progress towards greater equality in Nigeria. […]

Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association: 53rd Annual Congress

The African Veterinary Association/Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association will hold their 6th/53rd Annual Congress with the theme, Towards Economic Diversification and Sustainable Development in Africa. The Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association is the umbrella of all Veterinary Surgeons who are registered with the Veterinary Council of Nigeria. MORE DETAILS HERE