Torchlight Series

OMOMi is leveraging digital technology to provide women with easy access to quality maternal health care

When asked whether gender issues contribute to Nigeria’s poor maternal mortality indices, Onyedikachi Nwizu, Program Officer for the OMOMi app, paused. As a single pregnant woman, she chose her words carefully, to reflect her personal experience. “Many times when I went for antenatal clinic, I had to deal with a number of ‘Assistant Jesuses’ passing […]

Thought Leadership Series

Who to trust and how to overcome COVID-19 misinformation in Nigeria

If there is a lesson that COVID-19 has taught stakeholders about public health misinformation in Nigeria and probably elsewhere, it is that a sentiment-laden blend of distrust and religion, and a number of traditional beliefs could get people who are expected to know better, to jettison commonsense, temporarily or permanently, and consider or fully embrace […]