Torchlight Series

Creating a haven for quality primary care in Niger: The Fuka example


On a cold drizzling morning in Fuka village, Munya local government area (LGA), Niger State, three-day-old Oscar has just been bathed and dressed by his…More

Life is in the Blood: Talk Show Host drives donations to FCT blood bank


“To whomsoever saved my life – ‘Thank you’ I owe you my blood” –Kid It wasn’t the first time a heavy and prolonged period had…More

Patient-Centred Policy revives Family Planning uptake in Lagos State


Three years ago, Olubunmi Taiwo, then a mother of three girls, had an unplanned pregnancy. Though she was desperate to have a son, it was…More

Herd Immunity: Jigawa’s community-driven approach boosts immunisation coverage


Jigawa State has been largely characterised by its poor development indices. The latest States Domestic Product report from the Nigeran National Bureau of Statistics identifies it…More

Food for Thought – The Dako Community School Feeding Programme nourishing young minds


The drive seemed endless. The Nigeria Health Watch and TY Danjuma Foundation (TYDF) teams had driven for almost 40 minutes from Gwagwalada town, one of…More

Training for Quality Delivery: Brown Button’s drive to improve TBAs skills in Lagos


Alhaji Sulaimon Junaid wakes up at 5:30 a.m. every day to spend time with pregnant women waiting to deliver their babies in his birthing home…More

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