Torchlight Series

The fight against Lassa fever: Will it prepare Nigeria for future epidemics?


It is not unusual to talk about challenges and at the same time seek out available opportunities. Speaking about opportunities presented by Lassa fever can be…More

Isolate & Cure: Katsina could stop spread of outbreaks with isolation centres


A one-year-old child with suspected measles is lying in one of the small rooms outside the emergency paediatric unit of the General Hospital, close to…More

Find, Stop & Prevent Epidemics: Nigeria Unveils Blueprint for Health Security


“A disease outbreak anywhere is a risk everywhere”. – Tom Frieden, Former Director US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Infectious diseases seem to…More

The Joys of Motherhood: Young midwives enabling safe deliveries in Northern Nigeria


‘Delivering a baby is what gives me joy the most’, explains 26-year-old midwife Aliya Lawal Adam as she takes time out to attend to her…More

A “best buy” for child health in Nigeria: The Case for Immunisation


“I know that immunisation is important and obviously I want the best for my child, but the schedules are quite confusing, especially as I do…More

Let’s chat about sex: Tech platforms target FCT youth with sexual health info


Goodness** (name changed to maintain anonymity) is a young woman in south-eastern Nigeria living with a hearing disability. Unlike most of her friends who also…More

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