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Top Ten News Items on Health, 27th September 2019

Nigeria needs 290,000 medical doctors to meet WHO standard –CMD. Minister urges Nigerians to tackle child nutrition. People, heal thyselves: Nigeria’s new mental illness approach. FG warns HMOs, demands operations review. Reps direct NHIS to pay debts to healthcare providers. Nigerian lawmakers call for free treatment of malaria in public hospitals. Using Nigeria as example, Bill Gates condemns uneven development, urges action. USAID pledges support for federal, state govts. in developing quality healthcare. Bill Gates opened my eyes to healthcare issues in Nigeria – Dangote. Nigeria needs N4.4billion to procure therapeutic food.


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Let me start by thanking the Healthwatch team for providing this fora.
MRS who made an ‘observation’ on malaria have done a good job. Thank you. I add my voice to the issue in reference. The issue with malaria is still a challenge to medical practice in the ‘meditarrinean bird.’ Malaria has four significant species and three stages of pharmaceutical importance for each species. This implies that, there are four times three ( twelve ) entities. The ring forms, the pigments and the gametocites each of these for the species needed to be considered with the appropriate medicine. The challenge here is diagnosis. We need evidence based diagnosis and treatment. Lest we forget, the vector also transmit other viruses of clinical importance ( ziga) that is associated with poor skull and brain development.
Dear MS as much as I appreciate you, let me comment thus, it is not sufficient to make free treatment in state owned facilities , but it’s good you started the case.
Kindly enact a national law to be domesticated in all States and FCT that will allow restricted use of DDT to houses and residential institutions to reduce mosquito population in Nigeria.
Secondly the use of RDT kids is specific for falciparum species, there by confusing the less learned and experienced. Make geimsa stain redaily, freely, qualitatively and quantitatively available to all States and Facilities ( private, for profit, and faithbased) for evidence based diagnosis and post treatment.
Extend the international law on aviation ( section on insects: flitting aircrafts) to vehicles both local and those on international roads.
Encourage FMOH on PPP to manufacture, compound or synthesise anti malarial for free to be use with in Nigeria.
Note that the ban on the use of DDT is more on environmental effects as seen on the population of a species of birds. Good enough, what is human life compared to quality of an egg shell!!
Thank you.
Ishaya K B.

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