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Time is Brain!!!

by ndubuisi edeoga

The new teaching by the National Stroke Association and so many other agencies involved in health care world over demands that we get people with Cerebrovascular accidents popularly called STROKES to the nearest emergency room as soon as possible, withing 3 hours of stroke onset!( that is assuming the existence of functional emergency rooms). With the introduction of medicines called clot busters (thrombolytics) we can reduce morbidity and mortality from strokes. Getting the stroke patient to the emergency room is so important that Dr Olajide Williams one of the foremost Neurologists in United States, spends most of his time educating children about strokes with his revolutionary “Hip Hop stroke” programe in concert with the National Stroke Association. In summary they agree that the faster a stoke victim gets to the hospital the less brain cells die from ischemia, hypoxia and their likes, hence the TIME IS BRAIN dictum.

The American Association of clinical endocrinologists and other endocrinologists worldwide agree that Diabetic patients presenting with Diabetic keto acidosis (DKA), which is a severe form of hyperglycemic (too much sugar in blood) crisis. Require urgent admission into an intensive care unit ICU ( that is assuming the existence of a functional ICU), and institution of intravenous Normal saline would reduce mortality and morbidity, again TIME IS LIVE.

Then comes the American Heart Association talking about the need to act fast when someone is having a heart attack, bringing the person to a functioning emergency room within 90minutes, that is the proverbial “door-to-balloon time” this has been shown to reduce mortality and morbidity.

The Infectious disease (Infectious Disease Society of America) people not to be outdone, have also instituted their own timing to the treatment of sepsis. Starting Intravenous antibiotics within first hour (1-hour) of diagnosis of sepsis has been shown to improve mortality and morbidity.

So….does the article above, published in The Punch of April 2 2008 bother you?

A few quates from the article include:

…”Investigations by our correspondent revealed that it took members of staff and average 30 minutes before attending to patients brought in through the accident and emergency center”…

…”when his brother was treated it took nurses 7 hours to transfer him to the ward…”

…”CMD of LUTH denied that there were delays in attending to patients in the hopspital!…”

Why do we have to be different?

About 12weeks ago our health minister was removed, since then I guess someone would be “acting”. But if you check the meaning of “acting” ( dictionary) it’s just that…to act!!!. Our under performing health institutions cannot survive without the necessary leadership, provided by the health ministry , with the health minister as the captain…we all know what happens to a ship without a captain…..?

Now how long before we get over with the act and bring in a new health minister. How come health is not a priority for our rulers, and our political class.

My President, abeg give us the health minster we deserve…TIME IS NOT ON OUR SIDE!!!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has…Margaret Mead

1 reply on “Time is Brain!!!”

That is the thing we constantly forget – TIME IS NOT ON OUR SIDE. There is no savior coming to save Nigeria. God will not descend from on high to save us from ourselves. Yet, we continue to bury our collective heads in the sand and do little to solve our problems.

I just watched the Super Eagles match on Friday/Saturday and during the half time, we switched to NTA. The quality of the commercials, especially the Nigerian ones, was saddening. The commercials looked exactly the same as they did when I was 4. Yet, the rest of the world has taken basic advertising to extremely creative heights. What has advertising got to do with health? In Nigeria, everything. The basic theme – taking advantage of the best of technology and information – is ignored in most aspects of Nigerian existence. And when improvements are suggested, on is accused of trying to impose ‘western’ ways on Nigerians. Oh well. Thanks for sharing this info. As usual it was informative and please forgive the football/commercial related rant. I am relatively passionate about my sports and my commercials, so…..

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