Thought Leadership Series

“Does Leadership Matter” in the Nigerian health sector?


The greatest challenges and the greatest opportunities that any unit in society has begins with its pattern of leadership. Who makes those decisions that create…More

The silent thief of sight: Early detection can prevent blindness from Glaucoma


Editor’s Note: Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness in the world, with the highest number affected in Sub-Saharan Africa. This week (March 12…More

“I banged on the hospital door at 1 a.m. with my daughter screaming in pain” – The difficulty of healthcare access in Nigeria


Editor’s Note: This week’s Thought Leadership Piece recounts the harrowing experience of Nneoma Wokemba, a mother who found herself fighting to get health care for…More

Evaluating the impact of health programmes in Nigeria to build evidence for policy


Health policy is almost always driven by conventional wisdom. This week’s Thought Leadership piece comes from Emily Elizabeth Crawford, the World Bank’s Development Impact Evaluation…More

A tribute to a great Epidemiologist and a great friend of Africa


Editor’s note: Chikwe Ihekweazu was Curator of Nigeria Health Watch until he was appointed as Chief Executive of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, a…More