Thought Leadership Series

A friendly football match, Ebola, and infodemics


Editor’s Note: As the Democratic Republic of Congo works to curb an Ebola outbreak, Nigerians expressed strong reactions to the proposal of a friendly match…More

Mission to transform the Health Sector of Lagos: A Breakfast Meeting with Dr Jide Idris


“A key part of Dr. Jide Idris’ delivery is his honesty of self-assessment. If you do not know where you are, you cannot plan for…More

Is tobacco smoking being ignored in favour of other substance abuse?


Whenever there is media attention, especially international media attention and a public outcry over any sensitive public issue, the government’s is usually forced to respond,…More

#HealthMeetsTechNG Hackathon: Tech solutions for Nigeria’s infectious diseases


The Nigerian healthcare system currently faces many challenges, from inadequate infrastructure to gaps in key health policy implementation and the absence of effective multi-sectoral partnerships.…More

Tackling Nigeria’s codeine crisis is a marathon, not a sprint


“…drug abuse is with us. It’s happening closer to us than we can imagine. It’s wrecking our youths, our future, our pride. All hands must…More

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