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Health minister calls for probe of donor funds

Without wanting to sound like an inveterate praise singer, Professor Grange gets it right again, calling for a probe of her ministry’s finances, especially donor funds. The Ministry of Health has largely been seen as an unattractive posting as it does not obviously command the huge resources of say Petroleum or Finance, and yet because of donor funds, there is plenty for itchy fingers.I’ve always felt that misappropriating funds for immunization is akin to profiting from the deaths of young children, but that has never seemed to stop the brazen. Now Professor Grange appears to confirm what had often been whispered- it appears that accounting has been less than transparent in this area. Read more about it here

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Well in order. If we are unable to account for material resources, how can we account for the health and lives of Nigerians? Health statistics are near to null. However, we should also not forget on the other hand, the non-governmental/not-for-profit sector which I dare say in Nigeria is swamped by equally itchy and very sticky fingers eager to access donor funds (and make a profit). Just have a look at the profiles of many ‘NGOs’ working on say, HIV/AIDS for example.. It seems this has become the newest of thriving enterprises and should then be of pertinent concern. Once again, the common denominator being tossed around is human life.

The immunization decline in Nigeria was an unpardonable scandal that had many donors scrtching heads in frustration. Despite the falling coverage and spiralling costs it was impossible to remove the head at the time Awosika.. because she was making returns to her powerful madame… Stella Obasanjo.She survived every probe and with each whomever challenged her to save the lives of Nigerian kids would be transfered or sacked. She was finally removed weeks after Stella died. You see this country makes me want to scream. When know this its hard to look at late Stella child care trust and not want to slap the people that donated millions to a scam that housed a paltry 60 or so kids whilst she was using immunization money for diamongs. I tire. Never again. Good job with your blog.

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