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Is tobacco smoking being ignored in favour of other substance abuse?

Whenever there is media attention, especially international media attention and a public outcry over any sensitive public issue, the government’s is usually forced to respond, and in the best-case scenario is spurred to action. We have seen this pattern with one of the most talked about issues in the Nigerian health sector today, the codeine […]

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A ray of hope: Fighting codeine and tramadol abuse in Kano state

“I would take two bottles of codeine in the morning and after like an hour follow up with 200mg of tramadol. At night I would take a bottle of codeine again. The feeling was… indescribable.” Bello Yunusa Adali said he started taking tramadol and codeine in 1997. He was an okada rider and other drug […]


The story of Madadi: How an act of courage created a unique maternal care clinic in Kebbi

Over the years, different methods have been applied to provide solutions to the long list of problems the world faces, from cutting down on carbon emissions to help control climate change, to the adoption of a mechanised agricultural system to combat extreme hunger. Although every problem or challenge has unique solutions, it is widely agreed […]

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Life and death: Why maintaining oxytocin quality standards can save women’s lives during childbirth

Every millennium has had unique challenges, and some challenges have carried on from one millennia to another. One of such challenges is maternal mortality. For centuries, death has been feared as one of the possible dangers to a woman while giving birth. Although the annual maternal mortality rate has reduced by about 43% from 1990 […]

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Defying the odds, one nutritious meal at a time: The Story of Yalwa

Sitting in a small room outside the chief’s residence in the tiny village of Yalwa in Jigawa State, a group of Fulani women have gathered to chat. A fair-skinned boy, about a year old, is in his mother’s arms, smiling and kicking around with both his hands and feet. He has adorably chubby cheeks and […]