Thought Leadership Series

Misery in the midst of plenty: Can knowledge undo Nigeria’s malnutrition tragedy?


In September, as part of a campaign to highlight the issues around malnutrition amongst children under 5 in Nigeria, Nigeria Health Watch published a blog…More

Report from the National Council on Health: A healthy population; the best insurance for the Nigerian economy to thrive


Once a year, the Minister of Health and his team meet with all the Commissioners of Health for the National Council on Health (NCH). This…More

Antibiotic resistance is everybody’s business: World Antibiotics Awareness Week is Nov. 13-17


Editor’s Note: In view of Antibiotics Awareness Week, which is November 13-19, 2017, guest columnist Iruka N Okeke, of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the…More

From health advocacy to health activism – The Business of Health Conference 2017


If you came to last Friday’s Future of Health Conference wondering what “business” and “healthcare” have in common, you are certainly in good company. The…More

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